The Dynamic Vision - Program

Hermannshof (C) GdS-Martin Staffler

Program organization: Bettina Jaugstetter und Anna Lena Hahn

Thursday, 24 August 2023


• Climate Change - Future Nature - Future Gardens - Noel Kingsbury (UK/Portugal)

In practice - planning, planting and practice

• Resilience, persistence, loss and gain in dynamic public plantings: lessons from experience - Nigel Dunnett (UK) 

• Plant hunting and gardening in the Brazilian savanna - Mariana Siqueira (BRA)

• Chaos, Brownfield and Bison.- Learning from the biodiversity big hitters - John Little (UK)

In progress – Development and maintenance

• Perennial Plant Communities “The Know Maintenance Approach” - Roy Diblik (USA) 

• Infinity is not the target - Longevity is the target - Reducing maintenance
Panel discussion: Jonas Reif (Germany), Noel Kingsbury (UK/Portugal), Heiner Luz (Germany), Bettina Jaugstetter (Germany), Christian Meier (Germany), Anna Lena Hahn (France)


Friday, 25 August 2023


• Nature as ecological pallette- Cassian Schmidt (Germany)

In the public realm - public perception, education and training

• The dynamics of life / Changing lifestyles and the role of gardens - Gilles Clément & Véronique Mure (France)

• Looking after things - Tom Stuart-Smith (UK)

• The well-gardened mind - Sue Stuart-Smith (UK)

• Perspectives on creating and guiding long-lasting plantings in urban environments - Giacomo Guzzon (UK, Italy) & Ton Muller (Netherlands)

• Wild and cultivated: 'le grand spectacle' of nature in the city - Jacques Soignon (France)

Extra: BUGA
• Perennial plantings at the BUGA - Bettina Jaugstetter

Optional: Visit to the Spinelli grounds at the BUGA, or Hermannshof, Weinheim or the Ebertpark in Ludwigshafen with perennial plantings by Harald Sauer.

Speakers and topics subject to change