About us

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The German Perennial Society (Gesellschaft der Staudenfreunde – GdS) is an association of approximately 6,000 gardeners, plants people, collectors, breeders and horticulturists – specialists as well as enthusiasts find a "home" with us. We see our task in the promotion of perennials: we not only want to preserve the knowledge about these plants, but to develop it further and, above all, to pass it on.

Our Mission

The Society of Perennial Friends has made it its mission 

  • to promote the use of perennials and other garden plants in private and public gardens and parks
  • to preserve, develop and promote the knowledge on perennials
  • to provide a forum for discussions and to exchange experiences
  • to present new varieties and species, preserve historical forms and to inform about specialist literature and sources.

At the moment there are 45 regional groups and 19 specialist groups focussing on single genera or plant groups. GdS organises or participates in exhibitions, symposia and promotes perennial beds and plantings in public parks and gardens.

6,000 members

Just as diverse as the perennials are the members of the GdS with their knowledge and preferences. We are by no means just professionals, but the spectrum ranges from garden enthusiasts who want to meet with others to exchange experiences and knowledge and for joint activities like garden visits, lectures and travel. We have dedicated hobby breeders who participate in international competitions as well as professional nursery owners and garden architects. And last but not least, numerous gardeners, perennial nurseries and botanical gardens are also members. Our members are located in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France and many other countries.